Special Ceremonies


The Octagon is available for celebrating weddings and blessings, including same sex and partnerships, and now is licensed to hold same sex marriages and Civil Partnership ceremonies.

This glorious building has a long tradition of freedom of thought and conscience. Unitarians believe that everyone has the right to seek truth and meaning for themselves. Unitarians believe that special ceremonies which mark life’s big transitions should be relevant and unique to the people at the centre of them. Couples are welcome to construct their own ceremony and write their own vows that reflect their own beliefs. We are not bound by tradition but are free to express the personal truths of the people concerned. We have four people licensed to conduct weddings. We have a fine organ, with an available organist, who will charge a fee. We also have a wonderful, well cared for garden that is ideal for photographs.

If you would like to see more photographs of a wedding at the Octagon, Beth Moseley Photography, www.bethmoseleyphotography.co.uk and click on Phil and Jenny

Blessings & Namings

Naming of infants or children can either take place as part of the Sunday morning service or in a separate service. Again, we will work with you for the service that is relevant to you.

End of Life and Memorial Services

These are conducted with dignity.



The charge for weddings, blessings, namings, funerals and memorial services is £450.

Octagon members will be glad to offer advice and guidance – but the form and content of all of these is very much left to you to decide.

The best way to contact us about Special Ceremonies is via bookings on the contact page or come to a service or come and see us on a Friday morning when the Octagon is open.