Norwich Peace Camp

Norwich Peace Camp began as an idea, partly inspired by the International Peace Cycle, to bring together local peace, community, faith, environmental, charity and other groups and organisations for an event in the Norwich Forum. 

Those who participate believe that peace is essential, is worth striving for, that peace matters and that it is achievable

The first ever Norwich Peace Camp was in July 2006 and took up just one quarter of the atrium of the Forum. Since then it has expanded each year to include many more members and for 2010 the entire atrium has been booked. The Octagon Unitarian Chapel has been an active participant since gaining membership in 2017.

All through the year and often for many years, participating organisations have campaigned locally, nationally and sometimes internationally to further the cause of peace, justice and better understanding and to address key issues and concerns which face us locally and in the world as a whole.

If you care passionately about promoting peace and would like to work in partnership with us then get in touch. We’d love to hear form you.